SS3 Manila: SUJUGASM (a late fanaccount)

THIS FANACCOUNT WAS MADE ON FEBRUARY 27, 2011 12:06 am (the day after the concert). I’m just posting it here so that I can share to you what happened on the best day of my life.

How does one begin a fanaccount? I don’t even know where to begin. After I left Araneta Coliseum, I couldn’t even explain how I felt. Really now, how does one sum up the best night of her life? First and foremost, I did not expect to be able to go to the concert in the first place. It was only through a friend that I got complimentary tickets which I learned today (February 26, 2011) that it was Upper Box A. I was more than satisfied. I did not expect a ticket to the VIP or SVIP. I was happy, even if the boys were out of my reach.

You would never know the feeling of so much excitement as meeting an idol. As I gave my ticket and entered the chilly coliseum, I felt like I just entered heaven. It was completely foggy and the words Super Show 3 Manila greeted me from my seat. I could feel my heart palpitating a little over 100 bpm. It was completely different from what I expected. The stage was huge and it extended pass the usual size of the stage. I then knew that what they said was true that it didn’t really matter where you sat as long as you were there, it was enough to make you happy. And it did.

When the lights dimmed down, I screamed so loud that my head hurt. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. How would you feel if you finally met the people who brought you much happiness? I was only able to see them on Youtube and on TV. I kept on repeating, “Please wait. Please wait.” I was much too anxious because I felt like crying at the thought of finally seeing them. I felt crazy. :)) But finally Donghae popped up with a harness and was “flying” like 30 ft. from the ground. He had a serious face on and he looked like an angel. I, along with my fellow ELFs, screamed my lungs out. The anxiousness finally ebbed away and then the rest of Super Junior came out from a revolving platform and my eyes feasted on their beautiful faces one by one. Shall I enumerate thy beauty?


Goodness gracious. I can’t believe such a handsome boy was ever born. He was a cross between handsome and sexy. He had a boysih charm about him and his new hair color suited him really well. I oggled at his build. He was skinny, but his biceps were huge. I finally understood why he had so many fangirls. It was completely unavoidable.


Eunhyuk… Eunhyuk… *sigh* When I think of him, I think of a crazy, rapping dance machine. His stage presence is undeniable. His dancing was the best of all the boys and must I say his gummy smile is incredibly endearing? I also noticed that he was the skinniest among the guys. Much skinnier than Hae, actually. He still had his set of abs but I thought that he was probably too overworked because he looked like he needed some food. :|


This boy stripped off his cute boy image and kicked it off the stage as soon as his solo came out. I was shocked to see so much skinship between him and his *insert angry cursing verb here* back-up dancers. I thought he was all cutesy, but I was so wrong. He is really sexy. Still cute, but wow. Gosh, Minnie. You succeeded in getting what you wanted, love. You’re such a maaaaaan.


TEUKIEEE! Waaa~ How I love the leader so much! His voice sounded slightly different from what I used to hear as it was live. But I liked it. It was somehow deeper. OMG. I really love Teukie’s smile. When he was fanservicing with the boy and when he was getting near the fans his face was so bright it felt like there was a spotlight on him. It felt kind of sad, knowing that maybe I won’t be able to see him again for a long time, so I savored him *ehem* from start to end.


Shindong was so cute with the fans. He actually took a box of pizza from a fan and ate a slice while the others were singing! Some would say Dongie is just a fat dude, but he’s not like that. I suddenly felt like defending him because he wasn’t that fat. If you compared him to the others he was big, but seeing him right in front of my eyes he was actually pretty adorable. And his hair. LOL very bouncy.


Thank you Lord for sending us Siwon. He made my night extra special. I will never ever say that Siwon has no appeal to me whatsoever anymore. Grace was showered upon the ELFs as Siwon took of his shirt and flashed his beautiful, perfect, fantabulous, el tsokolate abs at us. I was floored. Like literally. I fell on the floor. I could hear fellow fans swearing at the back. How could such perfect abs ever exist in this lifetime? I seriously couldn’t get over it for the rest of the night. When he danced half naked, shrieks could be heard from left to right. Seriously. God bless him… him and his epic fanservice.


The ice-y cinderella was a surprise to me. I always thought he was the cold, unapproachable guy that he radiated through his pictures. I knew that it was not hard to fall for him because he had his appeal in his arrogant stature and undeniable cockiness. I did not expect him to be so warm-hearted with the fans. Tons of times I spotted him taking pictures of the ELFs and actually inching so close to them (you could give him a kiss on the lips if you wanted to die) so that they could take perfect up close pictures of him. I also saw him taking gifts from the floor and playing with them. Sometimes he even talked with some of the fans and I overheard a girl talking after the concert saying that Heenim actually pointed at her, winked and waved! And yes he did this with a smile so huge! I totally love him more now! :”> Oh and he’s a complete goddess, did you know that? :P


Kyuhyun is the cutest thing ever. He managed to make me laugh several times when he and Siwon started touching each other like a couple! Also him in a broccoli costume. Absolutely kyaaaa~ Kyuhyun also approached our side several times and he was really nice with the VIPs. I saw him handing out colored balls at around the end of the concert. He’s really cute. I also noticed his height. I didn’t think he could be that tall, but he was tall. ;)


Will I ever be able to comprehend his velvety voice? Thing about Jongwoon is that he delivers every note perfectly and his singing voice is so deep that it just echoes in your ear without fail. At his solo, when everyone sang to his song his “Thank You” after was so sweet and shy that I wanted to pounce at him from my seat. Yesung’s eyes are totally stare worthy too. It’s really piercing.


Another one who made my soul sing along was Ryeowook. His voice is so crystal clear and distinct that even if I closed my eyes, I could still see him singing. His voice is absolutely beautiful. Ryeowook also was noted as one of the shortest guys in KPOP at only 5″6 in height. I thought he didn’t look that short in the concert. Could it be that he was wearing shoelifts? AGAIN? LOL


I died. I died and got resurrected again. Though I don’t have a bias in Super Junior, Henry happens to be my bias in SJ-M. He’s just so good looking. I find him, his voice, his musical talent in piano and violin and his chubby mochi cheeks so incredibly attractive that I was jumping like an electricuted monkey from my seat when he popped out on stage. HENRY, HENRY, oh how I love you. Though I did not get a chance to see him that often during the concert, his final message in the end was awesome. Of course everything about him is awesome to me. *gets bricked*


JUNGMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! JUNGMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO again! They were a fantastic extra to the concert. Especially since Jungmo is one of my favorites in KPOP. A little rock went a long way and they actually got the crowd jumping with their song (which I don’t know, forgive me).

Okay, despite the fact that Sulli & Zhoumi was unable to go, I was satisfied well with the faces that showed up. Actually, I didn’t even get to eat that much before the concert, but I was completely full because I was just so happy with the boys around.

Before the show I downloaded all the songs in the concert that I didn’t know so I was pretty much familiar with all of the songs. It was a little sad that we couldn’t sing Marry U to them (I was looking forward to it) but that’s alright. The best thing about Super Junior is that they’ve got this pumping effect on you. You just have to get up and dance. And I, though quite embarrassing now that I think about it, danced to most of the songs and sang along. I did not care if anyone stared at me. The atmosphere of the place was like a club. The lights, the sound, and that high you get from alcohol… in my case Suju (get it? Soju? Rice wine? Suju? Okay, never mind).


I actually had the fanchant in my mind. But lo and behold, it looked like most of us forgot about it and was crazed by all the hotness instead. I sang the whole song and it was a big thing for me to see them dance the whole thing in front of my eyes because Sorry Sorry is one of my favorite MVs in Youtube. They were all in dashing white too. ;)


HENRY POPPED IN HERE *fangirl squeal*. This song I was really dancing to. I kind of missed the fact that Geng wasn’t there. :( But it was pretty good live. The song is actually pretty autotuned, so when they sang it live it was impressive.


Heechul on the drums going crazy and Trax… OMG. Can you imagine how epic that was? Oh, and there was the pelvic thrust. :))


PHELFs flashed their No Other hearts in this song. I bet the guys were pleasantly surprised at this. It was a really pretty sight from where I sat. I wish I had taken a picture of it. My favorite part? Teuk’s hair flips. Haha!


Buwahahaha! This one I was really dancing to. I love this song a lot, so I knew the chorus’ dance steps. The intro was adorable too.


Wookie’s solo was as I mentioned… beautiful. Add the fact that Minnie was playing the guitars. I was on high.


EunHae! I died of the sexiness! Them stripping of their shirts at the same time made my heart skip a beat. :D OMO~ I really want to see a fancam of this from the VIP section. I need a clear view damn it. Hahaha!


This song is so cute. I loved fanchanting to it! It has the sound of trot in it, so I appreciated it a lot. Oh, and the SJ-H boys were adorbs here. :”> Particularly Teukie. Haha!


Trax’s song was pretty good. A lot of us knew it, but I didn’t. I liked it more ’cause Jungmo had a brief guitar solo in it. :)


Heechul in four inch heels, a blond wig with a huge plate (?) on top, a short black dress and red lipstick. Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk in heels and a Beyonce Single Ladies outfit… OMG. It was one of the best parts of the whole show. Seriously. Heenim and Donghae really do look like girls. Donghae’s legs… o_o


At this point, I was pretty exhausted from all the dancing. I actually wanted to sit down, but when they started singing I jumped out of my seat. Haha!


This song made me miss the three missing members. :(


Yesung was pretty happy with us when we started singing the chorus of the song. It was really nice to the ears too and he looked so pleased that after he said “Thank You” everyone was happy as well. I realized that a lot of us knew this song because of Cinderella’s Sister. :) I actually knew this song because of their 4jib promotions on radio.


BEST SONG EVAR. LIKE HELL YEAH. I think that pretty much summarizes it. ;)


Kangin… Youngwoon… I cried so much. This part was so beautiful for me. Just seeing him salute… give a flying kiss… even if it were a projection of him. I just missed him so much that I couldn’t even stop the tears. I appreciated the fact that he made this for us fans. I apologize to other fans who might have been offended by my tears. :>


I was screaming the whole song. :D


Super Junior is vegetable costumes doing fanservice. Need I say more?


At this point, I was already feeling upset. The boys were already thanking us and saying goodbye and I was screaming “Kajima” again and again. I was bracing myself for the Flash mob that they planned, but it looked like it wasn’t able to push through. But it’s okay. At least the “Kajima” banners were a success.

*Sigh* when I think of the end of the concert, I realize that it was a sad thing to let go of them after a few hours of being together. But then with their promise to come back, I guess I held on to that and I could feel relief and less of sadness to see them go off the stage. I promise, sincerely, to support them with all my heart. I promise it to each and everyone of them. I promise it to the three missing members. And I promise it myself.

The best of my nights… probably a huge understatement on my part. I kind of regret not being a fan back then in Super Show 2 because I feel like I let an oppurtunity slip like that. But with that comes the ultimate feeling of happiness and bliss that came with the boys from Korea. It didn’t even matter if they were all incredibly good looking. It wasn’t just physical attraction that led me to their concert. It was the full feeling of love… of wanting them to be happy and know that yes, we ELFs are here. If ever there was an SS4, I really will do my best to be there. Especially if it is really the last time i’ll get to see Teuk and Heenim.

Honestly, I feel exhausted now that I finished writing all that. I feel like translating all my feelings to words, but words are not enough. Sincerely, I cannot explain how I feel right now. Still, I can’t after summing it all up. And I know the only ones who can feel how I feel are those who pretty much held on to the connection tonight.

Ahhh… now all I wish for is a nice long sleep. I think I’ll go get it now.


p.s: I will never ever lose  my lightstick. <span>NEVER</span>. Even if it loses it’s light, I’ll keep it. It’s one of the most precious things I own right now. LOL Please don’t slap me. :))


So it’s been days since the most gorgeous boys named Super Junior came to the Philippines and held the Super Show 3 in Araneta Coliseum. I just re-read what I wrote and realize that it was mostly spazzing and less of the real details that I gathered from days of obsessing and missing them. I guess I wasn’t really able to recount the little things that happened that REALLY make up a fanaccount.


1. Before the concert waiting ELFs were already so excited that they were screaming and fangirling over the Sanuk commercials that were being shown on the screen. Whenever Heechul, Sungmin and Leeteuk would pop up everyone would shout but when other actors and singers will everybody goes quiet. LOL!

2. Heechul kissed an ELF on the lips. :) Don’t worry, it was actually a 4 year old ELF. But she’s so lucky! I wish I were a kid so that Heenim will kiss me. =)) I bet she won’t realize how epic her first kiss is until she grows up. ;)

3. We all sang to Yesung’s “It Has To Be You” and though I already told you this what you didn’t know is that this was actually a first for him to let us sing a whole chorus. He did let the Singapore ELFs do it but only part of the chorus. But we sang the whole thing– and much, much louder too (says a fanaccount of one sweet ELF who attended both SS3 SG and SS3 PH)!

4. Henry really, really loved the fact that we were the ‘loudest’ country they’ve ever been to. Haha! He actually tweeted about us in Twitter and what’s surprising about this is that he hasn’t even visited his Twitter for a long time and it was only after the Manila concert that he did. I’m so happy that I made my Henry happy.

5. At the end of the concert, I saw Teuk gesturing for some ELFs in the VIP section to move over. I thought he was going to dive or something, but apparently he gave it to none other than a grandma ELF! I was so happy to know this because it confirmed that leader really does have a lot of manners and heart. I’m going to miss him so effin’ much.

6. Heechul was actually sick during the concert. WOW. He didn’t even show it and he only mentioned it in his thank you tweet that night that he was actually sick during the concert but it was our cheers that made him happy. Oh, and he said that he really fxxking loves us. HAHA!

7. There were two lines said that night that drove us off the wall. One, from Eunhyuk: “You are so gorgeous.” LOL! It reminded me so much of the Full House days when they were learning english. HAHA! I love him. Another one is my favorite and I’ll never grow tired of mentioning this, Henry: “You guys are so LOUD.” AND AND AND “You know, Super Junior has been to a lot of countries but so far the Philippines is the LOUDEST.” haha! He really likes our loudness!

8. Tons of fanservice were actually done during the concert. Though I wasn’t really able to see everything clearly because they were scattered all over the place, here are some notable ones:

– Sungmin passing around Toblerone at the SVIP section. :)

– Heechul grabbing a fan’s cam and taking pictures of himself with it.

– Siwon pouncing on Donghae, Kyuhyun, Heechul, Eunhyuk and pretty much all of them. :)) Skinship & Fanservice king!! <3

– Siwon flashing his godly abs at us and the camera man actually zooming on all that chocolate. o_o *drool*

– Kyuhyun’s “Hello everyone.” in perfect english! LOL

– Heechul actually trying to destroy a picture given to him by a fan. It had his head on a person’s buffed body. =)) It had abs on it and he was not pleased. haha!

– The boys doing the excerise thingy at Rokkugo. Heechul was sooo into it. <3

– Heechul flashing his white panties and white skin on his Lady Hee Hee solo. HAHA! And him ssanti dancing the harrassed backup dancers. LOL he’s such a flirt!

– Donghae and Eunhyuk moments! :D Eunhyuk kissed Donghae’s hand and did a couple of things that were to fast imo. hoho

– Donghae and Eunhyuk exposing Shindong’s manboobs in the Single Ladies part. BWAHAHAA! I almost passed out laughing there.

– Kyuhyun and Yesung handing around signed balls. Heechul dropped all of his on the ground and didn’t bother to pick them up. DIVA. haha

– Sungmin doing the body wave. KYAAA!

– On Leeteuk’s intro he was doing his crazy laugh and said “Mabuhay Philippines” like a million times before asking, ‘Want water?” while laughing and throwing some to the SVIP girls. <3

–  The veggie costumes in Cooking Cooking were epic I tell you! :)) Sungmin or was it Kyuhyun fell on the ground and couldn’t get up so he had to sing while lying down on the floor lmao

– Siwon took dried mangoes from a fan and  was pretending to return it but then he put it on his pocket, then after some time, he took it and opened it, ate one, Eunhyuk came to him, Siwon gave him the one he was already biting, someone pushed them and they almost kissed!

– Donghae’s engrish!!!! “How do you feer?” “Good job!!” <3

– Leeteuk’s engrish!!! “Are you heppy?” <3

– Henry’s english!!! He was like the translator for Leeteuk. HAHA

AHHH. Memories are good. I miss them so muuuch! I hope SS4 will be possible so that I can make more memories with them. <3 <3 Days after, it feels like a dream that you met them. Sometimes I feel like it would’ve been better if I didn’t because I just ended up missing them more than I should. I seriously do. It comes to the point where you feel like you need to know more about how they’re doing everyday. *sigh* It’s hard to be a fan, isn’t it?

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