110531 Freshly Baked Rookies – X-5

Korea’s got a new boyband on the scene, and they’re aiming to cause an impact in the pool of upcoming debut artists. X-5 is a 5-member idol group under Open World Entertainment that’s comprised of members Gun, Haewon, Sulhu, Zin, and Tae Fung.

On April 20th, X-5 held a showcase to introduce themselves to the public before their official debut. Zin stated that he has the role of rapper, Haewon stated that he’s got the visual eye-candy role with his ’smouldering eyes’, Gun is the leader of the group, Tae Fung is the main vocalist, and Sulhu is the  maknae. (ALLKPOP)

After only a month after debut, the group has garnered a lot of attention from the masses and especially the international fans from South East Asia and Taiwan. They were even given the honors of being dubbed as the Power Rookies by Inkigayo Magazine.

Inkigayo commented, “Despite the fact that they have model-like heights and handsome looks, they don’t rely on that at all and opt instead to show their power and charisma through their unique performance style. They’re a ‘poker faced rookie’ that is worthy of attention.”

Haewon stated, “Our ultimate goal is to make our name known around the world. Also, our first goal is to win the newcomer award.”


Gun (Son Hyunseok)
Birthday: 1989.11.30
Height: 183cm
Blood Type: A
X-5’s soft and charismatic leader. Leader Gun put forward his sharp image and emphasized his kindness by revealing that he places the most importance on trust and warmth.

Zin (Jin Hyunjin)
Birthday: 1993.07.20
Height: 189cm
Blood Type: A
Has maturity that is not expected from his age group. Pursuing the life as X-5 quickly as a chic member. Zin’s profile revealed that he was just as tall as the group’s maknae, standing at a height of 189 cm. He’s only 17 years old, but he reportedly carries an air of maturity that stands out from his peers.

(Haewon) Jung Haewon
Birthday: 1991.06.20
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: A
Haewon is responsible for sensibility in X-5, and has therefore has established his own unique world. He likes old pop as well as playing the piano.

Taefung or Typhoon (Lee Donghyuk)
Birthday: 1991.04.28
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: AB
X-5’s ‘moodmaker.’ A typical man who loves songs/music and playing soccer. Striving for big aspirations. he will be a cool breeze in the music industry. Tae Fung is a soccer enthusiast who’s determined to become a new force in the music industry, just like his name (‘Typhoon’). Open World also emphasized his masculinity by adding that he was “all man.”

Sulhu (Kim Jinwan)
Birthday: 1995.09.07
Height: 188cm
Blood Type: AB
Innocent Maknae
His biggest worry is his growing height. Thinks sincerely that to not be nervous on stage, there’s nothing but practice. Named ‘Sulhu‘, he was born in 1995 and is the maknae of the group. Not only were netizens surprised at his age, but at his tall height of 188 cm as well.

Personally, my favorites have to be Gun and Haewon. Gun, because he’s totally hot when singing and dancing to “Fantasy”. I really like his short cut too. He stands out from the pack because of it… So sexy. Plus, he’s the leader. I love the leaders a lot. :) I like Haewon next because he seems like the brains of the group because he can play the piano and speaks English, Japanese and Russian (yes, Russian. Which explains is Russian accent when he speaks English but he’s still so damn cute!). It would be better if I liked Zin (who’s my age) or Sulhu (maknaaae), but apparently, I always like the ones who are a little bit older than me. Figures. haha

Don’t Put On An Act

On the 1st of April 2011, the group finally released their much awaited MV for “Don’t Put On An Act”, the title track to their mini-album “Xenos”.  Gun revealed, “This song was made to match our color, choreography, and image. The song is about being betrayed by a girl and not ‘putting on an act’ about the hurt feelings.” Check it out below:

My opinion? I love, love, love the song. I really do. I mean, it’s probably the first time ever that I’ve been extremely attracted to a rookie group. X-5 totally caught my eye at first sight (I watched their debut performance in Music Bank before seeing the MV above). But the thing with the MV is that it certainly seems to mature, if that was the image they were trying to portray. If you noticed their ages, they are still quite young and it surprised me that their eldest was only an ’89-er. Their maknae is a ’95-er! Maybe that’s why I feel so attracted to these guys. They’re young, incredibly good-looking, talented and exceptionally tall. Of course, that only gives me more reason to feel like I can’t reach them, but what the hey. LOL I really do hope that they’ll release a dance version MV of Don’t Put On An Act. I like the dance a lot and was actually thinking of learning some parts.

Now if I were to give their debut a rating, I’d give it a fair 4/5. They did well, for a bunch of one month old rookies. Plus, you can see that they’re hard working. Despite their many mistakes in their debut wherein you could hear a few of times where they’d get off-pitch or overdo the “I’m-frucking-angry-at-you-look” (if I’m not mistaken, I’m pointing a finger at Taefung. But I’m not entirely sure because as of now, I can’t really distinguish their looks yet. They look the same because of those hairstyles! LOL Except for their leader Gun who has that sexy short cut, the rest are sporting the same hairstyle. Haha! I think they need to re-think that.), they succeeded in perfecting their stages after a while.

Controversy… already?

As reported by ALLKPOP on 19th May, their song “Fantasy” was deemed unsuitable for minors due to lyrics.

The lyrics that they’re holding in question are, “(Hey turn it up dance dance dance) In this night of illusion (party in the club).”

Representatives elaborated, “We’re unable to understand as to why the song must be banned just because it mentions a club. A majority of the songs these days include the term ‘club.’ The lyrics for ‘Fantasy’ don’t even include any sexually suggestive material in the lyrics, so we cannot comprehend why this song did not pass regulations.”

Now, I myself am extremely appalled by this because it’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, how is that supposed to be deemed inappropriate? Just because it talks about a club? At first when I read the title, I though “OMG is it sexually inappropriate?” It’s not even close. Do they actually think that kids are gonna go to the club and start trippin on acid? Most kids probably wouldn’t even think about it that way. And that shizzle didn’t even cross my mind for a second.

Whatever happened to Rania’s “Dr. Feel Good”? Are they tryna make them feel real good? Or GD & TOP’s “High High” (and just about every single song in their album)? WTF is the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family HIGH? Heo Youngsaeng’s Out of the Club is a lot more suggestive to clubbing and sexy time-ing than that song.

What I’m trying to point out is that sometimes the Korean music industry is twisted in a way that I cannot comprehend. Seriously, if it weren’t for the talented artists in their industry I wouldn’t even bother with it. :) So sad they had to ban such a good song. :|

Anyway, en of my spazzing.


Here’s their tracklist for their debut album “Xenos”:

01 Xenos 5 (Shout Out By 라이머)
02 쇼 하지마
03 Fantasy
04 내 눈 앞에 띄지 마
05 쇼 하지마 (Inst.)

You can download Xenos here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ysm925bw5xgz7 (iHoneydew.com)


Unfortunately, X-5 does not have any Twitter accounts that are verified, so if you’re following any of them, chances are that account is fake. Sorry sorry sorry sorry. D:

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