How I became a KPOP fan

I can remember that day clearly. It was the day of the first ever KPOP Convention that was held in SM Megamall. I was pretty sure that I didn’t really feel like going that day, but since I was bored, I decided to go anyway. If I was completely honest with myself, I would admit that I found KPOP extremely… overrated. I liked JPOP more because they were honestly talented. They didn’t focus on looks, and everything seemed to sound better in Japanese (lol). I was and still am a huge fan of KAT-TUN. Can’t be changed.

I couldn’t understand why a bunch of teenage girls fawned over a couple of good looking guys. It just felt like everything was getting turned over to the Koreans (Koreans are quickly migrating to the Philippines for some reason) that I was annoyed. I didn’t like what was happening, and yet I found myself in front of the KPOP convention buying a ticket (That, for the record, was sold out after a few hours). The place was really, really jam-packed. I had to squeeze from stall to stall, completely bored. I couldn’t find anything interesting to do and the stuff they were selling were just plastered with faces of hot guys and pretty ladies. I wondered, why on earth would anyone want to buy that stuff? I could hear girls squealing over a bunch of life-sized cardboard cut outs of their favorite idols. I had to laugh. It was ridiculous. Sure, they were extremely hot (I admitted this to myself because I knew Chinitos were my type), but did they have to make such a big fuss over taking a picture? I smirked at the stuff that was being sold, wondering why anyone would want to brand themselves with the likes of Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, Wonder Girls and who know what the effin’ hell was out there.

I sighed and left the venue because it didn’t really spark anything in me.Now the weird part was that I gravitated back to the venue after some time again purely because I had some people waiting for me inside. And that was when the magic happened. I just stood inside of the venue, staring at the entrance wondering where the hell my friends where, when a sudden blast of Super Junior’s Bonamana sounded behind me. I whipped around shocked to hear girls screaming all over the place. It gave me goosebumps as I stared at the screen transfixed. Suddenly, I could feel all the fan’s (ELFs) chants getting to me. They were singing along, some were even reaching out to the screen as if their idols were really there. I suddenly was drawn, oddly getting caught along. I couldn’t understand why they had tears in their eyes, why some of them loved those guys on the wide screen as if they were always there in their life. I didn’t understand, until I became one myself.I don’t exactly know how it came about. After the event, I started to watch some videos online, and then I remembered Super Junior again. I said, “Why not? It won’t hurt to watch them.” And so I did.

I started with the ever famous Sorry Sorry, then worked my way to one of their oldest videos Miracle. Eventually, I downloaded their songs. I found that I actually liked their music. It was upbeat and sometimes even sweet. I liked their dances most of all, because I liked to dance myself and theirs were always coordinated. After watching their MVs, I wasn’t completely satisfied with that alone. I then started to search Super Junior in Youtube and watched some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen in my life. Their variety shows were definitely the most hilarious I watched. Eventually, after watching all their shows (EHB, Full House, Intimate Note, Super Junior Show, Idol Army etc.), I memorized everything about them. Their names, blood types, ages and heck, even their attitudes. Everything about Super Junior, I seemed to have grown addicted to. It was almost like a drug. I wanted to see them, hear them everyday of my life.

I watched all their videos, listened to all their songs repeatedly, and soon, it took some time to admit it, but I was in love with Super Junior.Probably the time that I realized I loved them so much was when I watched one of their videos, the one where the ELFs were singing “Marry U” to them in one of their concerts. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling when I watched SuJu tear up as the fans sang their lyrics… “Will you marry me?”… I started to cry again, realizing why I loved Super Junior so much. It was because, even though they were famous, even though they had everything going for them, they loved their fans as much as we, the fans love them. I was bawling my eyes out because I could finally understand why the ELFs in the KPOP convention screamed their hearts out for Super Junior. Just writing this right now makes me want to cry. I know it’s stupid, but I guess nobody can really understand it until you feel it yourself.

I regret not being able to watch their concert months before I became a fan. When they came to the PH, I was laughing at the people who bought their tickets because they were so expensive. I mean, who would want to spend so much cash just to watch a bunch of guys dance for three hours? I regret saying that. I felt the burning jealousy of the fanaccounts. Of the awesome fanservice Super Junior gave to the Filipino fans on the night of the final bow of Super Show 2. I swore to myself, I’m definitely getting the tickets for SS3, no matter what. AND I DID. (you can see my fanaccount in this wordpress as well)

For one, I didn’t consider myself a KPOP fan back then when I was a beginner ELF. I was simply an Ever Lasting Friend. A fan of Super Junior, not of KPOP in particular. It was when I started to watch Super Junior on Variety shows like Star King and Star Golden Bell that I started to appreciate and take interest in other idols. In particular, I liked SHINee and the 2PM. I was amused with them, because they had an extra spark in them. I also liked SNSD, but mostly because of their dances (LOL). I seemed to also lean to Jo Kwon, the Kkab king. OH MY GOD. I swear, whenever I watch him, I always burst of laughing to the point where I would fall off my chair. Eventually, I checked out news about KPOP on (which I check it everyday. I never miss a day of news seriously) and found out about new groups, and old groups, solo artists and the like… so to speak, I started to like KPOP a lot.

Even saying that, SuJu held the number one spot in my heart until I laid my um, ears, on one of the most underrated, under-loved, under-appreciated groups in the huge KPOP industry. And they are called U-Kiss.U-Kiss (which stands for Ubiquitous Korean Idol Superstar) is probably the most underrated, under-loved, under-appreciated (dejavu? haha) group in the whole world. If I were to have a dollar recounting how many times I read in frustration the stupid things the media has said about them not being able to stand out in the industry, I would probably be a millionaire. Frustration it seemed, came with being a KISSMe. I knew it was true that they weren’t as popular as the other male groups (In general: Super Junior, 2PM, DBSK and the like) because of their humble beginnings. They started out so oddly that it was no shocker to many that they didn’t receive much attention. What with their weird hairstyles and style back in 2008 that seemed to clash with the typical male image (Sexy and muscular), nobody took attention to them despite the sweetness and earcandy-ness of their songs “Not Young” and “I Like You”.

Despite being a a group that originated in Korea, their move to debut in Japan as a Hallyu (International Korean Idol Group) group did not help with their popularity. And yet even though they were practically thrown around with insults, they came back stronger than ever with their image changed from cute to hot. Seriously, I practically can’t believe how great they look now. :)) So yeah, when Man Man Ha Ni came out back in the day, people took notice, but again, it never seems to get much attention as their sunbaes. Another thing to note about U-Kiss is that they are the nicest group you’ll ever find in the KPOP industry. They’re not cocky, but they’re funny because they have a good sense of humor. You’ll find that they never seem to say anything too harsh, because they were brought up really well by their parents. Especially Xander (the eldest and former U-Kiss member), whose father Uncle A (yea, if you’re a fan, you’d definitely know him. It’s impossible if you don’t know him) seems to support everything he does. U-Kiss also held their first concert (yes, very first) here in the Philippines.

And again, I regret to say that I wasn’t a fan back in that day. They also came a few months ago. I was already a fan when they did, but unfortunately, to my utter sadness and disgracefulness, I wasn’t able to go! I swear, I spent the best of the night of their show stalking the members on twitter and reading fanaccounts. LOL Until to this day, with 0330, I continue to express my support to U-Kiss. I hope they’ll finally win an award because they deserve it so much. Maybe another reason why I love U-Kiss as much as my first love Super Junior is because they too love and treasure their fans so much. What with their beginnings so rough, they definitely know that it is their fans who provide their inspiration to work harder. Today, their fans grow in number, and I can’t help but be proud of them. Oh, how I love U-Kiss, let me count the ways.

But of course, I can’t leave out how much I love 2PM as well. It was also out of boredom that I became a Hottest. A few weeks after I finished watching (and re-watching) everything SJ and U-Kiss, I managed to find the Idol Army season of 2PM. There I got to know them bit by bit. Afterwards, I started to listen to their music which was sooo different from what I was used to that I was charmed. What was upsetting for me at that time was that as I watched their videos, I then found out that one of my 2PM biases (I have two: Chansung & Jaebum) left the group. I was crying a year too late. LOL But really, I was honestly sad that just when I became a fan, one of them went to the States. Needless to say, I am now a member of the Jaywalkers. ;)

A little while after, it was pretty much the same story with SHINee. Only I didn’t like them at first (sue me for being honest, Shawols). They were too timid in shows, probably a little too wary of making mistakes. But eventually, I was attracted to their singing and performing on stage before anything else (which was a first). And then I watched HELLO BABY and fell in love. I mean, who wouldn’t love them after watching their season? Them being loving appas to Yoogeun was just too fckling adorable. Plus, I was falling deep for Minho that it couldn’t even be helped. Haha! I’m going to post the 1st episode here so that all those who haven’t watched it will be able to. I swear, you will love them:

So as you can see, I guess I changed a lot. I don’t really think KPOP is a bad thing to love. In fact, if you give yourself a chance, you might love it as well. Though people continue to judge KPOP, I don’t feel shameful in admitting it. Yes, I love KPOP. I love Super Junior (til the death of me, really) and I love U-Kiss, 2PM, SHINee, and BIG BANG. I love SNSD, 2NE1, Miss A and IU. I love all of them!

But don’t let my fangirliness fool you. I like a lot of music types. Especially hard rock. Unexpectedly and expectedly, I continue to shock people of that fact. Why is that so? ;)

2 thoughts on “How I became a KPOP fan

  1. That is an epic story. Mine is so much simpler lol. Living in a smaller city in America there really is only one way to find things from other countries…the internet xD
    Super Junior was my first love as well. The only foreign music I used to listen to was j-rock. And the first k-pop I saw was SuJu’s Happiness music video. lol, quite a change. But, I was entranced and went on to find Sorry, Sorry and learned how BA they really are. That was back in the fall of 2009.
    I love to hear conversion stories and I’m glad you made it into the Korean Wave as well :~D

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