Random and Real Stories You May or May Not Know about SHINee



1. A noona fan at an autograph event yelled to Taemin “Taeminah!! can Noona have you?” At this point Taemin couldn’t control his expressions and was frozen for about 5 seconds and said “hur…”and then after started to show his flowery smile and said “Yes noona you can have me ^^;;;;”

2. At an autograph event a Noona fan told Taemin that she’ll be writing the entrance exam soon. Taemin told her “Noona, you have to get a 100% ^^***” But the thing is, the highest score for the entrance exam is 500 and getting 100 means that you’d be failing the exam..

3. Backstage, Taemin called his mom and yelled “Mommy! Why are you ignoring my texts?!!!!!!”

4. UFO message:
Fan: Taeminah~ you know everything. How does giraffes cry?
Taemin: T_T Like this? ^^*

5. UFO message:
Fan: Taeminah, why does your emoticon have so many sweat marks?                                                    Taemin: they’re not sweat marks they’re hair!

6. Taemin wants to be more manly and wants to strip his dongseng image. A fan was calling out his name by saying “Taeminah~ Taeminah~” to this Taemin just ignored. Then the fan yelled “Taemin oppa!” to this Taemin turned around and smiled at the fan.


1. A fan attended the same school as Minho and asked the English teacher how Minho was like. To this the foreign English teacher replied “OMG, Minho?! CRAZY BOY.”
2. Before his debut days he would always cling on to the windows to one of his friend’s classrooms and yell in a monstrous voice “Hu~~min” (the friend’s name). The teacher would always chase him away.
3. At an autograph event a fan brought the knee kick cf noodles and imitated Minho in the cf by kicking the noodles. The noodles exploded in Minho’s face and the fan was dragged away by security.
4. Minho loves to play soccer but rest of the Shinee members hate sports. So Minho begged Onew to play just one round with him and Onew finally agreed. He really just played one round by letting Minho score and quickly ran away to his room.
5. Minho and his friend were late for school. In Korea, you have to receive some sort of punishment for this. Knowing that Minho is a celebrity, the teacher let him go, but looking at his friend Minho stayed and said he’ll receive his equal punishment with his friend. This resulted in them both redemption from punishment.
6. Minho was casted by an SM manager when he was skiing.
7. Before he debuted, he had a girl he liked in class. At summer time the students turned on the air conditioner in the class room. To this the girl said she was cold and asked them to turn the air conditioner off, but the classmates ignored her. Seeing this Minho told them to turn it off, and they turned it off (LOL).
8. Minho was tired of walking, so he grabbed a trashed kick board from a dump and rode that all the way home.


1. At an autograph event a fan handed him her paper and waited patiently for Onew to sign it. However, Onew didn’t do anything but stare at the paper. The fan asked him what he was doing and to this he replied “I can’t remember my autograph..”

Onew: Hello
Fan: Hi oppa please write “To. my ideal girl”
Onew: No!
Fan: Please~
Onew: No
Fan: Please
Onew: No Finally, he wrote To: deal

3. The 4 members excluding Onew were eating snacks in privacy. Finding this out, Onew got pissy and kicked the door on his way out.

4. Fan: Oppa you have to marry me
Onew: ^^ I can’t
Fan: Let’s get married!!
Onew: ..^^;
Jonghyun: No
Onew: He says I can’t ^^

5. When he was in high school, after he got scolded by his teacher he would fume and punch the wall.


1. At an autograph event a fan saw Jonghyun and Onew goofing around. She saw the price tag still attached to onew’s shirt and to this Jonghyun said “Onew hyung~ you’re 14 dollors and 90 cents kekekeke”

2. Jonghyun really doesn’t know cars. The members pointed at a SUV and asked Jonghyun what the name of the car was. To this Jonghyun said “USB…”

3. A fan of an SM artist spotted a guy giving all his money to a homeless guy in the subway. She noticed him later on as Shinee’s Jonghyun.

4. Did you know that Jonghyun was spotted by Lee Soo Man? Did you also know that Jonghyun was a guitarist, not the vocalist in the band he was spotted in?
5. A fan heard that Jonghyun likes corny jokes. She spotted Jonghyun and asked him “Oppa, did you run away from home?”
Jonghyun: “No… Why?”
Fan: “That’s weird. A piece of art was missing from the museum..”
At this point Jonghyun’s expression was like () and awkward silence followed. After that Jonghyun said: “Please NO MORE corny jokes T_T” (He must have heard a lot from fans after finding out that he likes corny jokes~ lol)

6. A noona fan at an autograph event asked Jonghyun to give her a special message. To this Jonghyun gave her a very mysterious message that the fan couldn’t comprehend. When she got home the fan posted the message on the internet and asked the FBI netizens to help her solve it. When nobody could solve it, one netizen suddenly explains it in detail what it meant. To this the netizens were all like “Hur… Jonghyunah.. is that you?” right after the netizen was asked this he deleted his comment right away (evidence that Jonghyun IS a secret netizen~ lol)
7. At an autograph event:
Fan: Jonghyun oppa~ do you like girls with short hair or long hair?
Jonghyun: The prettier girl.
Fan: Do you like girls that are tall or short?
Jonghyun: The prettier girl.
Fan: Do you like girls that are younger or older than you?
Jonghyun: The prettier girl..
Fan: Shit 

8. At an autograph event a fan asked Jonghyun to write her the prettiest name he could think of. To this Jonghyun wrote “To. Taemin…”


1. At an autograph event:
Key: Name please
Fan: It’s Ippeunie (meaning beautiful girl in Korean)
Key: excuse me??
Fan: Ippeunie
Key: Name please
Fan: Ippeunie
Key: Name please
Fan: Ippeunie
Key: Sorry but name please
Fan: It’s (says real name) T_T
Key: (laughs) ok~

2. Key was a full out Cassie. The reason why he auditioned was because of DBSK.

3. During their Juliette times fans sent them a box of donuts. Taemin didn’t know which donut would be good so took off bits of every donut and tried them all. Seeing this Key says “Taeminah, you aren’t gonna eat all of it so if you do this how can your hyungs eat it (goes on with his mother rants)”

4. When Key was still attending High school an anti fan wrote hateful comments on Key’s desk. Key responded to this by writing “thanks ^U^ -Kibum-

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