HELLO! Anyone home?

Dear Reader (if… I have any…),

Okay, so I know I haven’t updated my blog in quite a while, but I guess I have a valid reason as to why I haven’t been able to write anything or review anyone recently. Well… Actually, I’ve got two. First is that school just started last month and I’m officially doing my duty as a nurse in community health centers (yay for me)! Obviously, I haven’t exactly given my writing much thought since my free time is only on Sundays where I would rather sleep in than creep to my iPad 2/ netbook to start writing. Speaking of, my second reason is that my netbook has been taken away from me… Indefinitely. It’s going to be replaced by a huge Gateway laptop soon, so I only have my iPad to update with. It’s not that it’s hard to type in this thing, but it’s more time consuming since searching for supporting articles and stuff is a diffult thing. Doing an hour for an article is long enough, but if I were to update, It’d last for at least 3 hours per article now… Steve Jobs is sketchy about multi-tasking, you see. :| anyway… enough with the excuses. At least I can try to give you an article a week, starting tomorrow. Here is the list of articles I am currently working on (which you can expect to be all released by the end of July):

1. The Sexy Side of KPOP- with all the sexy videos released this year and the much longer list of banned songs and dance moves out there, is KPOP finally getting out of its once sheltered little shell?

2. FRESHLY BAKED ROOKIES- The Midyear Rookie Count (featuring: Dal Shabet, Rania, B1A4, A-Pink, Boyfriend, Brave Girls and Sunny Hill)

3. The Top 5 KPOP Maknae- Every group has a maknae, and every maknae has a colorful personality– whether exceptionally talented or fiercely shy– but there’s always those that stand out in the pacl. Here we countdown to the Top 5 Maknae of the new generation of idols.

4. The Idol Dating Scene- Who’s dating who? How do they date? Why don’t they date? All answers here.

So yeah, I hope too see ya’ll soon. If you’re interested im any of the future articles above, feel free to press the subscribe button or follow me on Twitter to know when i’ll be posting them. :)




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