110703 Freshly Baked Rookies- The Midyear Rookie Count (Dal Shabet, Rania, B1A4, A-Pink, Boyfriend and Brave Girls)

I think many would agree with me when I say that there are much too many Rookies who are debuting this year. Possibly, they have said, there are may be around a hundred more who will be debuting for the rest of 2011. It’s not something that I find appealing at all. For one thing, companies are forgeting these days that it’s better to have quality THAN quantity.

Back then in 2008 the only main idols groups were DBSK, SNSD, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang, Wonder Girls and KARA. Today they have created groups who are the following the footsteps of the 2nd generation KPOP groups. Why? Because the 2nd generation idol groups were created out of much thought and they were the ones who paved the way for other groups to be famous internationally. Multiple times you would hear a girl group being compared to SNSD (which causes multiple fanwars as well, but let’s not talk about that lol), and why is that? It is because SNSD is the standard of a girl group. Even the male idol groups seek to become the next DBSK and want to surpass them… but how can they do that when there’s way too much competition?

I’m not saying that having a lot of idols is a bad thing, I’m just saying that these days being an idol isn’t as big a thing as before when they really had to work their hardest to become one. These days, music companies see gold in their eyes when idol groups are mentioned and I guess they have a lot of facts to justify their thinking patterns– idols are the center of the Korean wave, no doubt the biggest money earning business they have now.

So with the many rookie groups debuting this first half of the year, who are the ones that stood out and made an impression?

Dal Shabet

When Dal Shabet first announced that they would be debuting, there were high hopes for them. The group released the song, “Supa Dupa Diva” a bubbly pop song that was cutesy as cutesy can get. I admit, I didn’t like it one bit. For one thing, while many took notice it just felt like they were trying to put in as much cuteness as they can put in one song. It was obvious indeed that the song was targeted for the male population rather than the females, but I wished they would hold on to their dignity and release a more serious song. Lo and behold, their next single named “Pink Rocket” (dirty minds lol) was released soon after and it mirrored as much cuteness as “Supa Dupa Diva”. I actually like “Pink Rocket”, but mostly because of the dance.


Rania debuted and when they did everyone took notice. Only, it wasn’t in a way they probably expected. Negative comments outnumbered the positive ones. I already said this in a different post, but their “Dr Feel Good” over-sexed image is very hard to forget. They have the talent, alright. But the thing is, their image is big enough that their talent couldn’t be seen. Teddy Riley should just leave Korea, in my opinion. LOL I hope they’ll work out though because their potential is huge.


Everyone likes B1A4. At first I didn’t get why, but when I watched their live performance of “OK” in Music Bank, I could see the light. While everyone was either featuring a sexy or cute image, B1A4 was simply just being them. I didn’t like the song at first, but it grew on me because I found Jinyoung so cute (I like him enough to make him my header, see?).  Many people are hoping for B1A4 to get out of the Rookie phase so that they can be considered “real” idols, but I think they still have a long way to go. Though “OK” was a fantastic, catchy debut song, they need to learn how to make the most out of their live performances. Whenever I see them perform their new song, “Only Learnt The Bad Things”, it feels strained. Maybe they should’ve went with another dance hit instead of a song that mimicked R&B. But I guess you can still count it as nerves. Though I don’t see why they’d be nervous when they’ve already got a huge fanbase to begin with. ;)


An example of a perfect debut is A-Pink. Many praised their song because it was catchy, the vocals were good and it was the right mix of cute and sexy. “I Don’t Know” garnered them so many male fans that they can be considered the most famous rookie group in the early half of the year– at least in Korea. Could they be the next SNSD? Maybe.  I mean, for some reason they’ve got that much potential and they’re similar in a way that they know how balance what people want. Now don’t bash me for saying that. We’ll just wait and see.


My first reaction to them was “OMG. They have twins”. And then the next was “OMG. They’re so YOUNG”. With an avergage age of 17, they certainly are young. Now what I think about Boyfriend is the same with Dal Shabet. I feel like they were putting too much cuteness into their image that it didn’t appeal to me at all. Sure, they have a lot of fans especially since the Jo twins and Minwoo are considered the epitome of cuteness but it’s just so much on image that I couldn’t help but think how overrated they were. Again, this is purely my opinion. It’s a very catchy song, though, thanks to the Brave Brothers.

Brave Girls

I love them. I really do. They’re talented, beautiful and their song “Do You Know” is still in my favorites playlist until today. They said themselves that they think that their debut was weak, but it certainly wasn’t. I guess the Koreans didn’t really like it as much as I did, and I can’t see why. Their statement was exactly what prompted them to release a less than stellar follow-up song that mirrored an already very used up concept of 4Minute and 2NE1. But I still love them. I hope they’ll do more ballad-like songs in the future.

Note: I didn’t include my two favorite rookie groups X-5 and Block B because I already made a review for each of them.  All of these are only my opinion and doesn’t necessarily mirror the opinions of others so quit being butthurt. Kamsa. :)

4 thoughts on “110703 Freshly Baked Rookies- The Midyear Rookie Count (Dal Shabet, Rania, B1A4, A-Pink, Boyfriend and Brave Girls)

  1. I swear like ten groups debuted (or will debut) this year. I used to be able to keep up with all the groups back say six months ago but now it’s like a new one every week. And it’s like it’s the same concept or there’s nothing really special about the group. I’ve only actually listened to RaNia, Boyfriend and APink. RaNia is an exception to what I just said. I think they have real potential. Boyfriend on the other hand…as much as I love them I have to say only their cuteness is drawing me to them. Not their voices or talent, their physical appearances. But I will say they can dance. I think I might look out for APink. I liked their debut single. Sometimes I forget that B1A4 is a rookie group. The way people talk about them, it doesn’t seem like they just debuted this year.

    Sorry for the long comment ^.^

  2. I am actually SO THANKFUL Rania debuted so controversially because I never would’ve bothered checking them out under any other circumstances. A lot of people said (I don’t mean this to be censorious or didactic) they should’ve debuted with something less sexy because their talent could carry them through, but frankly that’s what Brave Girls did and look where they are now. Rania registers a lot more in people’s minds then Brave Girls, although most of it’s negative.

    I’ve been complaining a lot about the lack of vocal talent in new debuts lately, but I read some years old article about fans heard the MR-removed for bands like SNSD and told them to lipsync instead of sounding that awful. So if SNSD, Big Bang, Super Junior, and a lot of other sunbaes were so lacking not that long ago I guess I should wait just a little more before brutally tearing rookie groups to pieces.

  3. I think you Should watch Boyfriends “Don’t touch my girl”!! their 2nd single and their new single “I’ll be there” in these mv they TOTALLY lose their cute image and get a hot and mancly new image!!

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