KPOP Non-IDOL Songs Worth Listening To (PART TWO)

The day and age of KPOP music is here, and just at the right time companies are one by one scrambling to release their own idols groups. But how about the non-idols? What do they have to offer? How about you and I walk through a list of songs that will release you from idol music once in a while… it will be good for you, your soul and the Korean Music industry as well. Everyone, support other singers too! :)

If you haven’t seen part number uno, check it out here.

1. 4MEN- Baby Baby

If you haven’t heard of 4MEN, you do not know what you have been missing. I love 4MEN’s music as I love my biased group’s music. I listen particularly to Baby Baby everyday. With thoughtful lyrics, beautiful voices and a smooth sound… this makes up the perfect song. Many artists have recommended this song including Big Bang’s G-Dragon and SHINee’s Jonghyun, thus, 4MEN has been widely appreciated by many international fans especially after they were the ones who sang Secret Garden’s soundtrack. After listening to this, take a look at “Here I Am” and “Reason”.

2. Sung Si Kyung- Even Now

This is a new song by the legend Sung Si Kyung, who many ELFs know as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s favorite singer of all time (Mostly imo because their voices are incredibly similar). When I first heard this live in Music Bank, I teared up a bit. It’s a really good song. One of those songs that you do not need to understand the lyrics to know how painful it is. I also like his song “You Are My Spring” and “You made an Impression”.

3. Baek Ji Young- Ordinariness

Baek Ji Young has been in the industry so long that she just MAKES good songs without effort. I’ve heard her countless times in almost all my favorite K-Dramas. She’s just got it, therefore her title as Queen of Ballads is deserving. Ordinariness, I believe, is her latest single and is one of my favorite ballads at the moment. Surprisingly to many, she’s quite well rounded. She also handles “idol-type genre” music well. My favorite? “My Ear’s Candy” feat. Taecyeon of 2PM.

4. Tablo- Bag (ft. Jimsil)

I just cannot get over how good this song is. I just can’t stop listening to it. In fact, it shot up my most played songs in 2 days. That’s how good it is. IDEK. I guess the feelings it portrayed mirroed the feelings of loneliness and sadness that I had and you know, I didn’t even understand a single word until I searched it earlier today and still I could feel what he wanted to say clearly. Obviously, the man is a genius by his own right. If you loved this, check out “Airbag” which is just as good a song.

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