My Favorite Korean Ballads of All Time

Hey all. I know it’s been a while. Yeah, I’ve been kinda busy lately. But these past 2 days I’ve been stranded here at home because of the shitty weather outside, so you know, I decided to post a little out of my list. Maybe i’ll post another one after this. IDK. Anyway, speaking of the shitty weather, it’s been raining and Manila is practically a reminiscent of Noah’s Arc (coincidentally the story of Noah’s Arc is 8:7-12 in the Bible, and today is 8-7-12). Because it’s so gloomy, I’ve been listening to my favorite ballads. And hey, I thought, why not share them with everyone? 

So my list is pretty narrowed by artist. When I listen to ballads, I like them sweet sounding and powerful. I’m not a ballad type of person, so I listen to more pop than ballads. But I find that when I start liking this one ballad, I listen to it more often than any other passing by KPOP song (you know, the ones you like at first but grow tired of after some time). So here’s my list. Hope ya’ll like it as much as I do :D

p.s: these songs are best listened to with earpieces or headsets. I promise you pleasure to the ears if you do this one suggestion. Thank you very much. lol


I. 4Men- Baby Baby

Oh God. I love 4Men to death. I love all their songs, seriously. But here are my three main favorites: Baby Baby, Reason and Here I am. When I’m feeling particularly emo, I listen to Reason. But out of the three, I like Baby Baby the most. I fantasize about having a gorgeous sunuvagun sing that song to me. It’s just so beautiful.

II. Wheesung- Words That Freeze My Heart

He has many good songs, but I love “Words That Freeze My Heart”. It’s so painful that sometimes I find myself feeling a bit depressed after listening to it. IDK. It sounds really heavy, but it has a nice melody to it so I like listening to it a lot. Add the fact that there’s a little Junhyung in it, then you’re just sold.

III. TVXQ- Holding Back the Tears

Okay, so TVXQ is predominantly a dance group. But they have one ballad that (’til this day) is still on repeat. No lie. Holding Back The Tears sounds familiar to many ears, for some reason. I mean, before I heard it, I felt like I heard it before. It’s probably the melody.

IV. Yesung- It Has to Be You

So I still have memories of waving my light stick in SS3 and singing along to “It Has To Be You” when Yesung was singing it. Probably why I’m attached to the song. But SJ has a lot of good ballads, mainly since their sub group KRY have some of the most beautiful voices in the industry today like (this is kinda long since I used to be an ELF therefore I listened to their music more than anyone else’s): Storm, Memories, Y, Andante, One Fine Spring Day, My All Is You, and Someday [EDIT: I forgot to add Coagulation! How can I forget? That used to be my most favorite ballad during my early ELF days lol]

V. Sunny Hill- Pray

Pray is probably their best song, in my opinion. It has so many emotions in it, and they aren’t even exerting much effort in singing it unlike their other songs. This one has an MV, but I decided not to post that one ’cause it might freak out a lot of people. lol

VI. Song JiEun- Going Crazy

What is it about this type of songs that I love? This one is still in my most played list despite it being a year old. And yes, my baby Bang Yongguk is rapping here. I really don’t mind him stalking me, though, seriously. 

VII. SHINee- Honesty

SHINee should be a ballad group. Haha! Yes, I know they’re a dance group/ R&B group. But damn, they all have beautiful vocals now. Especially since Taemin and Minho improved. I heard this song was dedicated to the Shawols too! And yeah, I’m not Shawol, but that’s just effin’ sweet seriously. Other than Honesty (which “honestly” trumps all their ballads in terms of beauty and sweetness), I like Quasimodo almost as much.

VIII. M to M- Goodbye, Seriously Goodbye

This song is so sweet sounding, but it’s actually a really sad song. It’s really perfect for those days you’re outside and the sun is shining on your face. You’ll feel like you’re in a frikin’ drama. I swear.

IX. Kim Bum Soo- Oasis

I remember stumbling into this song because it’s Infinite’s Woohyun and Sunggyu’s favorite. Now I love it. It’s such a sexy song. It reminds me of sex. Yes, I’m saying that straight. “I wanna be inside of you” is the cue, and of course the way he sings it. But apparently it’s a very sweet ballad. Maybe he means “I want to love you” or something lol

X. Kim Ah Jung- Byul

Anyone who’s ever watched 500 Pound Beauty probably knows how beautiful this song is. Oh, I cried buckets at the end of that movie. So yeah, this continues to be a classic, in my opinion.

XI. IU- The Only Story I Didn’t Know

Speaking of tears. I remember watching the music video for this the first time. I cried a lot too. I mean, so much emotion in one song is hard to contain. And the fact is, IU usually sings brightly. So hearing her sing such a sad song with so much preciousness catapulted her to my favorite ballad singers list. In fact, I love this girl way back when she just started. So this made me love her more. And you have to listen to her new song “Peach” while you’re at it. It’s soooo good. In fact, i’ll put it under this song because you REALLY should listen to it. LISTEN TO IT.

XII. Fly to The Sky- Restriction

This is the only FTS song I know, tbh. But it’s lovely. I love the fact that Brian’s voice starts soothingly then comes Hwanhee with his power vocals and then BOOM eargasm. I was also surprised originally that they were an SMEnt product. I mean, I rarely see SM doing balladeers. Except for SM The Ballad, of course.

XIII. Davichi- Love oh Love

What is a ballad list without Davichi? These two gorgeous ladies have one of the most controlled, powerful voices in KPOP. And they’re gorgeous too, which ups the “it” factor. In fact, it’s not a surprise that they’re considered idols now because of their constant winning in music shows. I like “Don’t Say Goodbye” as wel, which is just as beautifully sung. :)

XIV. Clazziquai- Romeo and Juliet

I’m not sure if this is a ballad or not. I think it’s more jazz than anything. But whatever, had to add it. It’s the most addictive non-POP song I can think of. I mean, no kidding. Heard this once and couldn’t stop playing it for days.

XV. Brown Eyed Girls- Cleansing Cream

I love BEG. Their voices are so smooth to me. They’re just so… different from KPOP groups these days. I mean, sometimes they’ve got that sexy concept down pat. But in times when they sing ballads, you just can’t help but stop and listen. This is my favorite. Still my favorite… though their new song “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is slowly claiming the position.

XVI. ALi- Na Young

Why I love this song? Well, plug in your earpiece or headset and crank up the volume before listening to it and experience eargasm.

So as you probably noticed, most of my favorites have that depressing vibe to it. Oh well, it’s my taste. Anyway, I’m off for now. It’s already 11PM here and I need to finish reading 50 Shades of Gray because I plan on reviewing it. Later my loves~

21 thoughts on “My Favorite Korean Ballads of All Time

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  2. How is any song by Lee Hongki and FTISLAND isn’t here? Don’t love, They told us to stop, Girls don’t know, Fears are flowing, Bad Woman, Severely, and recently, Stay with me.

  3. Do you know what Ali’s song is about? I actually only found out today, before I found this blog post. Although it’s a great song, I can’t bear listening to it.

    Oh, and I completely agree with you about Shinee’s Honesty!

  4. Ahhh!~ Funny how most of my favourite songs are on here. . . 4men’s “Baby Baby”, Ye Sung’s “It has to be you”, SUJU’s “Coagulation”, Kim Ah Jung’s “Byul”, Fly to the Sky’s “Restriction” (God I haven’t heard this song in a long time) and Brown Eyed Girl’s “Cleansing Cream”… we must have similar tastes in music, haha :)
    Currently I’m obsessed with this one song, “Drunken Truth” originally sang by Kim Dong Ryul, but I also love Fly to the Sky and Kyuhyun’s cover of it!

  5. what a good list but you forgot a huge amount of great ballad songs like : lee soo young nice girl , jo eun good person , junsu love is like snowflake , davichi because it’s you , something happened to my heart, park hyo shin wildflower , kim yu kyung starlight tears…… ;-)

  6. and i shouldn’t forget : what should i do by junsu , she’s mine by sweet sorrow , i can not mention that i love you by ok ju hyeon , love is feeling by park jang hyun and park hyun gyu my heart is touched by seeya , moment by changmin , i should confess by soyu, madly by FTISLAND. and many many……. these are my favorite including the others

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