My Favorite Korean Ballads of All Time

Hey all. I know it’s been a while. Yeah, I’ve been kinda busy lately. But these past 2 days I’ve been stranded here at home because of the shitty weather outside, so you know, I decided to post a little out of my list. Maybe i’ll post another one after this. IDK. Anyway, speaking of the shitty weather, it’s been raining and Manila is practically a reminiscent of Noah’s Arc (coincidentally the story of Noah’s Arc is 8:7-12 in the Bible, and today is 8-7-12). Because it’s so gloomy, I’ve been listening to my favorite ballads. And hey, I thought, why not share them with everyone?  Continue reading

KPOP Non-IDOL Songs Worth Listening To (PART ONE)

Basically if you think about KPOP, the first thing that will pop into your mind will be IDOLS (or chocolate abs hihi :”>) because they rule the scene with their amazing dance moves, catchy and upbeat music and beautiful people. But you know, there really are a lot of groups/ solo singers out there that are REALLY talented. The only problem is that people these days are so stuck on Idol music that these talented acts do not get enough of the spotlight they deserve. Continue reading