Quick KPOP Survey

This is something you should post on your blog too. :) Just a quick update. ^^

1 Do you own any K-Pop albums & which ones?

– Super Junior: Sorry Sorry (ver B), Bonamana (ver A), Mr. Simple (ver A)

– INFINITE: First Invasion, Inspirit, Evolution, Paradise (repackage)

– GD&TOP: First Album

2 Who’s your ultimate bias?

– Infinite’s Hoya (Lee Howon aka Hubby)

3 What concept do you want for the next comeback of your favorite group?

– Infinite? Oh gosh, I don’t know. I’m done with the cutesy image. I kinda like how they look right now. Especially since Sungjongie looks a hell of a lot more manly. If they go back to their oh-so adorable She’s Back/ Nothing’s Over days, I’m afraid it’ll be a bit awkward for me. So I guess I’ll go with the sexy, bad boy image.

4 What’s your favorite bubble tea?

– Bubble tea? Um, like Milk Tea? Anything.

5 What’s your favorite food?

– It depends. Right now I’m really, really loving California Maki. And cake.

6 What’s your favorite K-Pop MV?

– I like a lot of KPOP MVs. But my favorite as of now is Infinite’s The Chaser and B.A.P’s No Mercy.

7 What do you think about man to man fanservice?

– Me likey. SHINee’s recent stint ain’t got nothing on Super Junior and 2PM’s though.

8 What’s your most played song?

– I don’t know.

9 If you were to date any idol of your choice, who would it be?

– My hubby Hoya would be the first choice. Then it’d be Kris from EXO-M. :D

10 Where would you date him/ her?

– Somewhere dark and secluded. LOL jk. Okay, maybe not a joke. /wiggles eyebrows/

3 thoughts on “Quick KPOP Survey

  1. Wow you have great taste!!! First your favorite group is Infinite and then second your bias is Hoya!!~~ Then we both like Infinite’s sexy bad boy image rather than their cute boyish image. Haha, and we both like Kris~ ^^ Lots of similarities ^^

  2. You sound like a great person maybe i will take this test as well and see what answers i can give^_^ you have given me great ideas and i thank you for that. :)

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